C’est la vie

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How to choose your contraception wisely?

Contraception refers to all the methods that prevent pregnancy. Choosing your contraception is a personal decision, and to help you make the right choice, it’s best to seek assistance from healthcare professionals (doctors, gynecologists, pharmacists, or even school nurses). Contraception is just as much a concern for girls as it is for boys! So, the […]

Filming of the 2nd season of the series “Wara”: A political thriller.

The Samba Diery Diallo National Gendarmerie Barracks served as the backdrop for the filming of the second season of the series “Wara,” developed by Charli Beleteau and Magagi Issoufou Sani, a Nigerian creator. This fiction, directed by the Franco-Senegalese Oumar Diack and the Franco-Gabonese Marco Tchicot, relies on accomplished Pan-African talents. Produced in Senegal in […]

Advocacy for young people’s access to reproductive health services.

Dakar, 13 Jan. (APS) – Twenty-five (25) youth organisations working on reproductive health were trained to participate in the national advocacy to access information and reproductive health services, stated, on Friday, Ndéye Marième Ly Diagne, Programme Officer of Equipop, an NGO.  ‘’ Dakar, 13 Jan. (APS) – Twenty-five (25) youth organisations working on reproductive health […]

Health: The Ratanga Club Burkina Faso Launches Community Activities Ratanga Club Burkina Faso lance ses activités communautaires

Community activities organized by the “Ratanga Club Burkina Faso” network were officially launched on Thursday, January 7, 2021, in Ouagadougou. This network was established as part of the “C’est la vie” project led by the Senegalese NGO, RAES, aimed at promoting sexual and reproductive health, maternal and infant health, education, and combating gender-based violence.    […]

How can you find reliable information about your health?

Finding reliable information about your health can indeed be a challenge. Many people turn to the internet as their first instinct! While there’s a wealth of information online, it’s crucial to be aware that misinformation is widespread. It’s essential to be able to distinguish between what’s true and false. Consulting a professional The best way […]

Capitalization FACTSHEET (C’est La Vie Tchad ! )

  C’est La Vie Tchad is a two-year-long project (2020 –2022) funded by Expertise France and implemented by a 4-partner group: RAES ADES ONG INTERNATIONAL Bureau d’Appui Santé et Environnement Association pour le Marketing Social au Tchad Download the factsheet     

3 great news about the WARA series

Après une première saison plébiscitée par la critique et les spectateurs d’Afrique et du monde entier, nombreux ont été ceux qui réclamaient la suite de la série Wara. Nous vous partageons 3 bonnes nouvelles à propos de la série Wara.   1 It’s a Wrap for Season 2 Season 2 episodes have been successfully completed […]