3 great news about the WARA series

Après une première saison plébiscitée par la critique et les spectateurs d’Afrique et du monde entier, nombreux ont été ceux qui réclamaient la suite de la série Wara. Nous vous partageons 3 bonnes nouvelles à propos de la série Wara.


1 It’s a Wrap for Season 2

Season 2 episodes have been successfully completed after intensive shooting between October and November 2022. The challenge was significant, following the success of the outstanding first season. However, the co-producers – RAES Production, Astharté et compagnie, Christall Production & Co, and TV5 Monde – rose to the challenge brilliantly. Under the guidance of Charli Beleteau, suspense and realism were maintained at every stage, from screenplay and directing to editing and acting. With each episode, viewers can feel the tension and emotion rise, undoubtedly endearing them to the characters.

2 Wara to Open Series Festival in Dakar

The Wara series has been selected for screening during the opening ceremony of the Festival on May 2, 2023, at 7 p.m. at Cinéma Pathé movie theatre in Dakar. The first two episodes of Season 2 will be screened in the presence of the production team and actors. Season 2 of the Wara series will also compete in the “over 30-minute long format” series category, marking the first exposure of this new season to critics.

3 Some Exclusive News about Season 2

After a suspense-rich first season that captivated audiences, the new season is no exception, with evolved characters, intriguing twists, and accurate and realistic settings. What should you expect in this new season? This remains a mystery. The tagline for the first season was “And what if tomorrow,” while for this new season, it is “Aïcha’s Destiny.” The significance of this tagline remains undisclosed for now. However, for those attending the Dakar Séries Festival, see you there. For those unable to attend, visit our website and various social media channels for upcoming screening updates.