Empowering Communities to Know, Engage, and Act!

RAES is a Senegalese NGO dedicated to working with communities across Africa to address significant social challenges. As a result, RAES designs and/or utilizes innovative strategies to promote behaviour change in Africa. Moreover, it serves as a bridge between international partners and programs, the media, and local civil society organizations. Additionally, the organization provides training, support, and assistance to local actors and communities to access information and implement solutions that are pertinent to their specific issues.

Our expertise

Social communication

Community training, information dissemination, and mobilization, along with constructive dialogue, rely on relevant and effective social communication. Relevant social communication necessitates a diverse skill set, including the ability to assess situations, identify problems, highlight individual and collective needs, articulate a shared vision for a better future, and craft messages that create the optimal conditions for attitude and behaviour change in overcoming challenges or dangers. Effective social communication entails the knowledge of how to identify the most suitable information channels, including the media and opinion leaders, to create opportunities for introspection and spaces for dialogue, both in private and public spheres.

Capacity Building and Technical Support for Partners

The ability to take action requires knowledge and skills. RAES strategically deploys its capacity-building expertise through the development of training tools and materials, facilitation of training sessions, and the sharing of knowledge. Using innovative approaches, RAES assists local actors in identifying and addressing community priorities and issues that contribute to their well-being.

Opening and running debate spaces

Change involves dialogue between different community actors in settings where ideas and contradictions are debated to reach consensus and move towards harmonious change. With the democratization of the media and the accessibility of the internet, the NGO RAES exploits their potential and forms alliances with the media or leads discussions on digital platforms to spark debate and facilitate speaking out.


RAES develops its approach to social communication based on certain principles of action inspired by good practices observed over the last 30 years.

Observe and understand

To recognize the necessary steps that motivate a change in attitude or behavior


Involve and mobilize stakeholders

To facilitate the recognition and appropriation of messages, particularly via opinion relays


Promote awareness and information

To collectively construct appropriate, legitimate, honest, understandable, credible and convincing messages


Free speech and spark debate

To create a favorable environment towards harmonious social change.



C’est la vie

C’est la vie

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