How can you find reliable information about your health?

Finding reliable information about your health can indeed be a challenge. Many people turn to the internet as their first instinct! While there’s a wealth of information online, it’s crucial to be aware that misinformation is widespread. It’s essential to be able to distinguish between what’s true and false.

Consulting a professional

The best way to get accurate answers to your health questions is to consult a healthcare professional. They can listen to you, provide advice without judgment, and have the expertise to address your concerns or provide necessary treatment.

Researching on the Internet

You can also gather information online, but be cautious—content is not always created by health experts.

To ensure you find reliable information:

– Visit multiple sites to compare the information you’ve found.
– Check the publication date to see if it aligns with current knowledge.
– Verify the author’s credentials: Is it a doctor, journalist, or scientist?
– Avoid forums. Opt for recommended sites or health portals such as:
– C’est la vie! (Clickable link:
– World Health Organization (Clickable link:
– UNICEF (Clickable link:
– West African Health Organization (Clickable link:
– Fil Santé jeune (Clickable link:

Family and friends

You can also seek advice from friends and family who may have experienced similar situations. However, keep in mind that their experiences and opinions, while valuable, are not a substitute for professional healthcare advice.