3 good news about the WARA series

After a first season acclaimed by critics and viewers in Africa and around the world, many were those who demanded the continuation of the wara series. We share 3 good news about the Wara series.

1. Season 2 is complete

After intensive filming between October and November 2022, the episodes of season 2 are finally finalized. The challenge was huge after a first season of high quality, but the co-producers RAES Production, Astharté and company, Christall Production & Co and TV5 World rose to the challenge with flying colors. Under the leadership of Charli Beleteau, suspense and realism are always present from the writing to the editing, including the staging, without forgetting the rise in power of the performers. Over the episodes, we feel a rise in tension and emotions and you will no doubt get attached to the characters.


2. Exclusively at the Dakar Series festival

The WARA series was chosen by Dakar Series to open the Festival during the opening ceremony on May 2, 2023 at 7 p.m. at the Pathé Cinema in Dakar with the broadcast of the first two episodes of Season 2, in the presence of the production and interpretation team .
Season 2 of the WARA series will also compete in the “Formats over 30 minutes” category, a first exposure to criticism for this new season.

3. A few exclusives on season 2

After a first season with lots of twists and turns that kept all the spectators in suspense, the new season will undoubtedly be no exception to the rule with the evolution of characters, endings to intrigues and new fair and realistic settings. What should you expect in this new season? This is the question to several strangers, all we can reveal, to give you an idea of what's next is that in the first season the Tagline was "What if tomorrow" and for this new season, it's is "The destiny of Aïcha". What justifies it?

We say no more! We just give an appointment to the lucky ones at the Dakar Series festival and to others on this site and our various social networks for information on the broadcast which will be done very soon.