September Mandingo: raising awareness of sexual health at the heart of activities

Mandingo September is in full swing in Mbour. The Mandingo Collectivity has initiated a series of socio-economic and cultural activities. In this sense, in relation to the Sansas project, she took the bull by the horns yesterday to raise awareness among young adolescents on sexual and reproductive health. The Sansas project (reproductive health of adolescents and young people in Senegal) aims to improve access to reproductive health rights for young adolescents and adolescent girls in Senegal, in particular young girls, young women and vulnerable young people. This activity financed by the Sansas project and carried out in conjunction with the Center Conseil Ado de Mbour takes into account the training of 70 relays. The latter are called upon to appropriate the sensitization of their peers in the seven cells and polarizing sites of the teenagers. To believe, Mbacké Diouf, the director of the Cca of Mbour, the Sansas project running its program in the departments of Mbour and Sédhiou comes at its time because the department is the attraction of thousands of young people on the weekends of the month of september. The moment, for him, remains an opportunity to call young people to responsible behavior for the management of their sexual health.

Arfang Touré better known as Baba, bearer and coordinator of the project in the seven sites and cells of the Mandingo Community, wanted to share the quintessence of the project's objectives. According to him, the commitment of young people is certainly a guarantee of success. He was delighted with their determination to share the information and the upgrade started this morning (yesterday, Editor's note) with the help of the Cca de Mbour. Beyond the participatory and inclusive management of the sexuality and reproductive health of adolescents, the latter wanted awareness-raising activities on drugs during large gatherings of the genre.

Samba Niébé BA – Sud Quotidien