Citizen mobilization for the environment!

KEEW-GUI is an integral part of the Bruits de Tambours project, which aims to support young men and women from the municipalities of Pikine and Guédiawaye to better lead their lives as citizens and to get involved in the governance of their neighborhoods. The project consists of producing content to encourage the civic engagement of young men and women in the preservation and respect of the environment. To promote such adherence, the NGO RAES has, within the framework of this action, strengthened the capacities of 30 young people, including 15 girls and 15 boys, on subjects related to the environment and its preservation. The NGO RAES then produced audiovisual content with these young people which will then be used as part of the media and community campaign.

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Key figures


Young people trained 

In Pikine & Guédiawaye (Dakar suburbs) on environmental themes to know environmental issues, Waste Management & reforestation.


Internet users affected

Through the digital campaign around the theme of the environment. 


Video clips

Produced aroundenvironmental issues,  waste management reforestation.


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JOG JOTNA - Let's act for the environment

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KEEW GUI - Trees are life!

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