Hello Ado

A mobile app to learn all about teen health

Hello Ado is a mobile application that aims to improve access to sexual and reproductive health information for adolescents and young people in West and Central Africa. The audience targeted by the application are young people aged 10 to 24 who are most at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, early and unwanted pregnancies, and gender-based violence, with a particular focus on adolescents. . The application provides access to reliable and anonymous information to build healthy and safe relationships. It also makes it possible to find the care, legal or support structures to which they and they can have recourse through the geolocation functionality.

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Application in West and Central Africa. (As of December 2022)


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Available on the app for teens and young people. 


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Dedicated to teenagers and young people referenced and available in geolocation.

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Hello Ado: Mobile application for young people in French-speaking Africa

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