How to find reliable information about your health?

Finding good information about your health can sometimes be difficult. Your first instinct may be to search the internet! Although you can find a lot of information on the internet, it is very easy to come across bad information. It is then necessary to be sure to know how to recognize what is true or false.

Consult a professional

The best way to get the right answers to your questions is to consult a healthcare professional. He will know how to listen to you and advise you without judgement. He has all the expertise to treat you (if necessary) and answer your questions.

Learn on the Internet

You can also get information on the internet but be careful, this is not always content created by health experts.

To make sure you find reliable information:

Do not hesitate to visit several sites to compare the answers you have found.
Check the publication date of the information to see if it corresponds to current knowledge on the subject.
Check who is the author of the information: is it a doctor? a journalist ? a scientist ?
Avoid forums. Choose recommended sites or health portals like:
That's life ! (clickable link:
World Health Organization (clickable link:
UNICEF (clickable link:
West African Health Organization (clickable link:
the Young Health Wire (clickable link:

family and friends

You can also get advice from your friends and family. They may have felt the same pain or had the same questions. Attention, they can share their personal experiences or their opinions but they are not health professionals.