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RAES is a Senegalese NGO that works with the populations of Africa to face major social challenges. For this, the NGO RAES creates or relies on innovative strategies for behavior change in Africa and acts as a hub for connecting international partners and programs, the media and local civil societies. The NGO RAES trains, supports and accompanies local actors and communities to have access to information and to implement solutions adapted to their problems.

Our expertise

Social communication

Training, information and mobilization of communities as well as constructive dialogue are based on social communication that is both relevant and effective. Relevant social communication requires several skills: assessing situations, identifying problems, bringing out individual and collective needs, defining a shared vision of a better future and formulating messages that will best promote changes in attitude and behavior to overcome difficulties or dangers. Effective social communication requires knowing how to identify the most appropriate vectors of information, in particular the media and opinion leaders, to create opportunities for questioning and spaces for dialogue, whether in the private sphere or on the stage. social.

Capacity building and technical support for partners

The ability to act requires knowledge and skills. The NGO RAES believes it is useful to put its expertise in capacity building through the production of tools and training materials as well as the facilitation of training and knowledge sharing sessions. Through innovative approaches RAES, supports local actors to identify within their communities the priorities and issues around which to act for their well-being.

Opening and animation of spaces for debate

Change implies a dialogue between the different actors of the community in frameworks where ideas and contradictions are debated to reach a consensus and move towards harmonious change. With the democratization of the media and the accessibility of the Internet, the NGO RAES exploits their potential and forms alliances with the media or leads discussions on digital platforms to stimulate debate and facilitate speaking out.


RAES develops its approach to social communication based on certain principles of action inspired by good practices identified over the past 30 years.


observe and understand

To recognize the necessary steps that motivate a change in attitude or behavior


Involve and mobilize stakeholders

To facilitate the recognition and appropriation of messages, in particular via opinion relays


Promote awareness and information

To collectively construct appropriate, legitimate, honest, understandable, credible and convincing messages


Free speech and stimulate debate

To create an enabling environment towards harmonious social change.


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